Matric free solved assignments autumn 2019

We are glad to offer matric free solved assignments in autumn 2019. In the autumn 2019 semester, we will get you the following solved assignments.

Matric free solved assignments autumn 2019

Matric free solved assignments autumn 2019

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Assignment Code Subject Name No 1 No 2 No 3 No 4
200 Selling of Home Made Products
201 Islamiat PDF PDF PDF PDF
202 Pakistan studies PDF PDF PDF
203 General Science PDF PDF PDF PDF
204 Urdu For Daily Use PDF PDF PDF PDF
205 Arabic
209 General Home Economics
215 Education
219 Home and Farm Operations Managements
257 Fruit Production
Full Credit (6 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2019
1st Assignment 30-11-2019
2nd Assignment 20-12-2019
3rd Assignment 20-01-2020
4th Assignment 20-02-2020


Assignment Code Book Name No 1 No 2
207 Compulsory English – I PDF PDF
208 Garment Making – I
210 Garment Making – II
217 Food and Nutrition
218 First Aid – I PDF PDF
221 Compulsory English – II PDF PDF
222 Applied Food & Nutrition
247 Mathematics – I PDF PDF
248 Mathematics – II PDF PDF
248 Mathematics – II (Urdu) PDF PDF
242 Seerat-e-Tayyaba PDF PDF
252 Lab Techniques in Physics
258 Lab Techniques in Chemistry
259 Lab Techniques in Biology
260 Information Technology Basics PDF PDF


Half Credit (3 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2019
1st Assignment 20-12-2019
2nd Assignment 20-02-2020

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