AIOU Tutor address list search by roll no for the Semester Spring 2022

Welcome dear Students to the AIOU tutor 2022 address, here you can find your AIOU tutor 2022 details using your roll no. It is quite easy because you just need one thing, that is just your roll no to search for your AIOU tutor for the semester of Spring 2022.

Follow these steps or watch the above video to find AIOU Tutor Spring 2022:-

  • Open or Click this link
  • Enter Your User ID and Password
  • Click Academic Records
  • Click My Tutor to find your tutor for the semester of Spring 2022


AIOU tutor address

Finding the AIOU Tutor address is essential for AIOU students to submit their assignments for the semester of spring 2022. 

AIOU tutor BA

Dear BA students if you worrying about finding AIOU Tutor for the BA class then no need to worry about it. 

AIOU tutor fa

The FA class is a small class but they must submit AIOU Assignments before the BA class. So we have complete details in this post for them to find AIOU Tutor for the FA class.

AIOU tutor list

The complete list of AIOU Tutors for the semester of spring 2022 is needed by every AIOU student.

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