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aiou studio 9 matric assignment autumn 2021

AIOU Matric Assignments free Download

Autumn 2021 Free solved Assignments Matric

Welcome dear students, today I will guide you through the download process of AIOU Matric Free solved Assignments Autumn 2021. Firstly we would like you to subscribe to our Facebook page and YouTube channel for updates and as a piece of thanks for our efforts. Above all today we are going to guide you through the whole process. So you could download Matric free solved assignments for Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU.

AIOU Matric Assignments free Download

First Section

CodeSubject Name1st2nd3rd4th
200Selling Of Home Made Products200-1200-2200-3200-4
202Pakistan Studies202-1202-2202-3202-4
203General Science203-1203-2203-3203-4
204Urdu For Daily Use204-1204-2204-3204-4
206Family Health And Care206-1206-2  
207Compulsory English – I207-1207-2  
208Garment Making – I208-1208-2  
209General Home Economics209-1209-2209-3209-4
210Garment Making – II210-1210-2  
211Poultry Farming211-1211-2  
212Maintenance Of House Hold Electrical Appliance    
217Food And Nutrition217-1217-2  
218First Aid – I218-1218-2  
219Home And Farm Operations Managements219-1219-2219-3219-4
220First Aid – II220-1220-2  
221Compulsory English – II221-1221-2  

2nd AIOU Assignments section for matric for free

In this second section, you can find some more solved assignments.

First of all, we know it is very important to you, secondly and most importantly you want it free of cost. We are working too hard to make these assignments for you on the other hand people don’t understand it at all. However, we will keep on going therefore you could get matric assignments free of cost.

222Applied Food & Nutrition222-1222-2  
241Islamic Fiqh    
247Mathematics – I (Urdu)247-1247-2  
248Mathematics – II (Urdu)248-1248-2  
251Ethics (For Non-Muslim)    
252Lab Techniques In Physics    
253Introduction To Livestock Management253-1253-2  
254Livestock Production254-1254-2  

3rd section

Here you can find some more solved assignments in this third section.

256Vegetable Growing256-1256-2  
257Fruit Production257-1257-2257-3257-4
258Lab Techniques In Chemistry258-1258-2  
259Lab Techniques In Biology259-1259-2  
260Information Technology Basics (Urdu)    

Download Matric Autumn 2021 guess papers free

If you’re worried about your papers and need material for preparation then you are at the right spot. In short, here you can download, free of cost guess papers for the preparation of your paper. I am well aware that this is very hard for you to get ready for these papers due to that I have brought you these guess papers. Meanwhile, you must be thinking about how it will help you? let me assure you that it will at least get you an idea of what is coming next. Using this idea consequently you can plan a strategy to beat these papers as I believe is a hard task to accomplish. Our dream to accomplish our task is very important to us but we don’t think about a perfect plan to do so. Download guess papers using the below button:

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Matric Autumn 2021 Assignments submit dates

The assignment submits schedule is very important for all students so, we have brought you assignment submission dates. Please find below the list of matric assignments submit dates that you can use to submit your assignments for the semester Autumn 2021.

Meanwhile, you must be thinking about why it is so important to submit assignments as per the given schedule. Certainly, as you know all stuff must be as per given requirements to maintain disciple. On the other hand, if you ignore it somehow and submit the schedule you will not have point to object. For example, if you don’t submit your assignments during the period they won’t just ignore them, on the other hand, they will mark it fail.


matric assignments submit dates autumn 2021
matric assignments submit dates autumn 2021

AIOU Matric Free Solved Assignments Autumn 2021

Firstly have a look at the below codes to find your desired matric-free assignments. After that click on the pdf button. Consequently will open your assignment, have a great look, and download it.

Meanwhile, you download these free-of-cost assignments for matric Autumn 2021 let me tell you how you can help us in this journey. It is quite simple in short you can do it using your cellphone. You can do a variety of stuff to help us for example you can click on ads, or can share this page with other friends.

Thought About AIOU Matric Assignments free of cost

When I think about offering free-of-cost assignments for matric class I also think about why I am doing this. Not a second thought but when I was like any other student I had no resources to buy all these assignments but to adjust with whatever I had at that time. Now as I am on a stage or you can say status I can make stuff for other students so I made this website for those who deserve it.

Meanwhile, we would like you to leave a comment below and let us know about our efforts, it doesn’t matter you leave positive or negative comments. Still, we are willing to see your opinion on it just because we will evaluate upon these comments.

Dear students keep in mind you can also write us at [email protected] we would love to hear from you. It is not compulsory you write us just sweet things but we are looking forward to any type of suggestions you would like to give us.

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