Online Library Management System CS619

Efficient Online Library Management System: Simplifying Book Management and Guaranteeing Success


Abstract / Introduction of Online Library System

In the past, managing libraries manually was a complex and troublesome task for librarians. However, with the introduction of computerized/online library management systems, the process has become more efficient and convenient. Our Online Library Management System offers numerous advantages over traditional systems, allowing librarians to monitor books, update information, search for specific titles, issue books, and handle returns seamlessly. With our expertise and experience in PHP tools, we guarantee success and a high CGPA for Virtual University (VU) students.

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Functional Requirements for Online Management System

Our Online Library Management System includes the following key modules:


  1. Database Module: Allows for the insertion and extraction of data through a user-friendly interface.
  2. Report Module: Generates a list of borrowed books for easy reference.
  3. Availability Module: Provides an overview of book availability within the library.
  4. Search Module: Enables users to search for books and members efficiently.
  5. Payment Module: Offers a convenient payment facility for fine payments.
  6. Login and Logout Module: Provides secure access control for administrators and librarians.


User Functions

The system caters to two user roles:


  1. Admin: Has the authority to add, view, and delete librarians.
  2. Librarian: Can add books, view book details, issue books, process returns, and manage payment transactions.


Tools for Online Management Systems

Our developers utilize the following tools for the development of the Online Library Management System:


  1. Programming Languages: Java/C++/PHP
  2. Database: MySQL


Supervisor Details


– Name: Mukaram Shah

– Email ID: [email protected]

– Skype ID: to_shah

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