Delivery Process at CMH Hospital

Today I will guide you through the Delivery Process at CMH Hospital. First of all, Congratulations on your becoming a parent, and a whole new life experience is waiting ahead.

Admission form:

Your doctor at CMH will provide you with an admission form in the final weeks of your delivery.

Admission Process:

CMH will monitor your pregnancy and wait until 9 to 10 months unless there are medical concerns for the mother or baby.

Scenarios of Admission:


If you experience pain or your water breaks at home, go to the same tower where you received check-ups. Doctors will examine you in the holding bay or move you to the Operation Theater if necessary.


If there are no complications, you will be kept in a room on level 4 for observation and medication.


The hospital’s lab is located under the emergency block

Fee Payment Process (General Public):

Fill out a form at the fee counter and provide your Z No. and A Final form. Z No. is your identification number for hospital expenses. Medications and blood cross tests require separate payment.

Fee Payment Process (Army):

Army personnel uses their medical card for payment, and expenses are deducted accordingly.

Process During Delivery Operation:

Could be multiple cases I will try to elaborate:-

Baby Head Already Came Out:

If the baby’s head is already out, the delivery process takes about 30 minutes. The baby is then shifted to the nursery.

Uterus Is Not Opening:

If the uterus does not open, it can take approximately 10-12 hours. Multiple attempts may be made using air or liquid pressure.

Baby at Nursery:

Relatives may visit the baby in the nursery, but only the mother should receive financial support. Thermal levels in the nursery may be uncomfortable but necessary for the child.

Shifting from OT to Room:

After any procedure, you will be moved to your previous room. You can take leave once the doctor approves.

Gate Pass for babe:

Obtain a gate pass from the reception on level 4. It is time-sensitive, so don’t delay. The gate pass requires the mother and father’s CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) details.

Exit out of CMH:

Present the gate pass for the exit. Necessary documentation will be recorded, including a snapshot of the child-related details.

Extra Cash Return after delivery:

Civil patients may pay an advance of 80,000 to 100,000 rupees. Any remaining amount will be refunded once all bills are settled. Claim your refund before leaving the hospital. The process takes 15 to 25 days and can be done at the emergency block or the payment counter.


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